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The basic research equipment of HIT regarding clean vehicles technologies was acquired in 2002 within the framework of IMMACULATE project. This is used to survey the impacts from the introduction of clean vehicles. These vehicles are described below.

1. Electrically Assisted Bicycles

The electrically assisted bicycles are used so as to assist the rider in propulsion. Each bicycle weights approximately 38.5 kg and can carry up to 80 kg. The maximum speed is 20 km/h and the maximum driving range is 35-50 km.

2. Electrical mopeds

The electrical moped EVT combines high technology with environment protection, easiness of use, smooth acceleration and portable charges. It includes a motor on the wheel for greater efficiency and reduced power consumption, a smart digital controller, overheating protection systems and two modes of operation (economy and reinforced), energy level LEDs and negligible noise.



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